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Functional Medicine Lab Testing

Before now, it’s sadly all too often been the case that people who suffer from chronic health conditions never get to find out the root cause(s) of what is going on in their body. As a result they can never learn what they proactively could do to resolve these underlying issues.

Well, that is now no longer the case! The rise of at-home functional medicine lab testing is changing forever how chronic health conditions are assessed and managed.

A wide variety of different tests are now available and they are based on analysis of samples of saliva, dried blood, urine, hair or stool, depending on what exactly is being looked for.

You order a test online, and get sent a test kit (like the one shown above) to your home. By following some simple instructions, you collect the necessary samples. You complete a test requisition form, pack everything up, and then send the kit back to the lab in the mail. A few weeks later, you get your results.

Your functional medicine doctor or integrative health practitioner will then be able to translate the results of your labs, in the context of your health history and your current symptoms, into highly effective wellness protocols that will address the root cause(s) of your issues and allow your body to heal itself from the inside out.

Interested in learning more about FM lab tests you could do for yourself?

Here are five that I recommend individually or as a set to my wellness clients, based on which ones might provide useful information to inform their wellness plan:

Complete Candida, Metabolic & Vitamins Test: based on a urine sample, this test looks at gut health (including yeast and/or bacterial overgrowth) as well as certain vitamin levels, energy, metabolism and detoxification processes, neurotransmitter metabolites, and more.

Complete Stress (Hormones), Mood & Metabolism Test: based on saliva and blood spot samples, this test looks at adrenal and thyroid function, sex hormone levels, markers of blood sugar metabolism, and vitamin D.

Complete Minerals & Metals Test: based on a hair sample, this test looks at levels of key minerals that circulated in your body over the previous 2-3 months, as well as the presence of some toxic heavy metals.

Complete Omega-3 & Inflammation Test: based on a blood spot sample, this test looks at your levels of Omega-3 and Omega-6, which are important factors in the level of inflammation present in the body.

Complete Food Sensitivity Test: based on a blood spot sample, this test looks at over 190 different foods to see which of them cause gut inflammation whenever they are eaten.

All of these tests can be purchased as the “Big 5” bundle:

It is very important to note that while these tests all provide great information, they are only useful in the hands of a practitioner who can put together effective holistic wellness plans, and are able to coach people through the often quite challenging lifestyle changes that are necessary to rebalance the body.

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