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The Holistic Reboot Protocol

For someone at risk of, or actively going through, a life crisis such as a burnout or a serious chronic health condition, there are unlikely to be any “quick fixes”.

Indeed, a major reason that things got as bad for that person as they did is very likely that they never received any guidance or support from a truly holistic perspective.

My Holistic Reboot Protocol is based on the understanding that:

  1. Disease is a manifestation of underlying imbalances in the body, which have to be identified and addressed in order for someone to be able to get well.
  2. Each person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects are all connected, and all need to be rebalanced and healed if a state of overall wellness is to be achieved.
  3. Each individual is unique in terms of their genetics, life history, beliefs and environment (and much more!), and therefore which imbalances they may have and the root cause(s) of these will also be unique. It follows that no one-size-fits-all wellness plan will be likely to be successful.

Reflecting all of the above points, my Reboot programs consists of four steps:

  1. ANCHOR – ground yourself, and build up the foundational resilience you need to get through your crisis and lay the foundation of your recovery
  2. DETOX – cleanse yourself and your environment of the toxins that were building up in you until now
  3. REBUILD – build up your physical, emotional and mental strength, centred on an improved diet and exercise regimen
  4. THRIVE – take your health and wellness to the next level through more advanced and/or spiritual practices.

At each stage, we will work together in 1:1 coaching sessions to figure out which practices would work best for you at that particular time, and then adapt or change these as necessary over time.

Being healthy is a process, not a destination – there will always be some aspect that could be enhanced, and new challenges to overcome. Therefore, the Reboot should be seen as an upward spiral, where once you have successfully made a set of positive changes to your life, you then go back and revisit each step of the Protocol and see where new changes or additions can be made.

If this sounds good to you, then feel free to check out my blog or my social media channels for more information on Reboot Protocol steps and the various elements within them. Or schedule a free 20-minute intro call with me via the button below.

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